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It is just so hard to find unique, thoughtful gifts for some people, isn't it? I'm talking about the people who a soap gift-set from a department store just isn't going to do the job. Sometimes it's just too hard, so you end up getting them something not great just because time ran out.


I come from a family of 'hard to buy for' individuals so I know first hand how difficult and time-consuming gift buying can be, so let's join forces and sort that out right now! I have a degree in Mixed Media Art so you can count on getting a high quality, quirky item. Need it fast? Standard items are sent out within two business days (sometimes even the same day). And it will be already gift-wrapped at no extra charge - that takes another thing off your to-do list! Have a look at my latest gift ideas here.





To become a true 'gift-ninja' sometimes you have to go bespoke. You can tell me exactly what you want on an item. It could be a line from song, names, dates, or even a private joke you had with your best friend when you were 5 - whatever words you want I can put that on your piece. You can even choose what colour glaze. Bespoke items are £2 more than standard items, and just take 2 weeks to make. Just contact me with your ideas and I'll get making.





I also run workshops. You can book your own private workshop for a special occasion like a hen party or a birthday - just contact me to arrange one. Please sign up for my workshop emails to recieve workshop news and info.

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